Welcome to DnDK Raiding. We raid to have fun, improve our toons, progress our guild, and again have fun. We are not trying to achieve server first, nor does it matter to us if we are ranked in the top 10 or top 100. In order to insure that every one on our team has the best possible experiance we have layed out guidelines on what we expect from our raiders, and what our raiders should expect from the guild. Even though progression is not our number one goal, fun is, and in our experience when the progression stops, so does the fun. So we need all of our raiders to be at their best each and every raid night. Please read through these guidelines, if there is somthing you do not understand please contact your raid lead (Ticktockman).



    All raids will be invite only, and scheduled on the in game calendar. All times are server time.

    We raid currently on Friday and Saturday night from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm. 

     We will send out invites @ 7:45 and first pull @ 8pm, you are expected to be online, gemmed , enchanted, reforged, and ready to go.

     We will supply flask, food , mats, enchants, gems, but you are expected to have your own suplies as well. We can not do everything for every raider.

     Real life always comes first, we know that. Alot of our raiders have families, jobs , and such, so-

     -- If you sign up as Accepted we will expect you to be there, if you can not make it for any reason, please let some one know. You can tell an officer or raid lead in game, you can leave a post in the Raid Attendance forum. If your not going to be there on an accepted invite we will need time to replace you.

     -- If you sign up as Declined we will not expect to see you.

     -- If you sign up as Tentative, we will view this as a Decline, and we will not plan on you being there. You will not recieve an invite. If you are on and we are short someone we will take any other Accepted sign ups before we take Tentatives. This is on an as needed basis (ex. We need a healer, and 2 dps signed that are sitting out , but healer was Tentative and is on, we will have to bring the Tentative healer). If you find that you will be on, and you Accept before raid time, your sign up will be treated as an Accepted, but if we have already pre decided on the team for the night, you could still be considered an Accepted back up. 


There is a "Attendence" section in the guild forums you can post there for last miniut or emergency no shows.

     -- If you continously sign up Accepted and not show, we will demote , and take appropriate action. We have to keep progression/fun going for all players.


     We expect all of our raiders to perform to the best of their ability. Know how to play your toon, study the fights. We will post and recommend web sites to show you how to gem, enchant , reforge, rotations, the info is out there, and we will guide you to that info.

     -- Know the fights. When the raid leader does a ready check, and you click "ready" you are telling him/her that you are geared, gemmed, chanted, and that you know what you are supposed to do in that particular encounter. If you have questions about your roll in the fight, dont click "ready". Ask, we will happily answer any legitimate questions.

     -- We will be using World of Logs for logging our raids, we will also be recording the raids. If a certian toon is under performing we will generally not call you out during the raid (unless it becomes neccesary). We will however work with you to improve your performance. We will help in any way possible, but our ability is also limited (we can't buy you a new computer or improve your internet connection).

     -- We expect our raiders to not be absolutly shit faced. If alcohol or other substances are SERIOUSLY impeding your ability we will ask you to sit out. (this does not mean you can't drink, or smoke a fatty, just keep it to a minimum while raiding please)

     -- Poor performance will not get you "kicked" from the raid team, we just need to see some improvement, we have to keep progression/fun for all players.


    -- New raiders will be Recruits. After you have proven for 2 (4 raids) solid weeks that you will be on time, and can perform in a raid enviroment you will be promoted to Member. After you have proven for an additional 2 (4 raids) solid weeks that you will be on time, and can perform in a raid enviroment you will be promoted to Raid Team.

     -- Demotions can be handed out for doing the opposite.



    -- Loot rules are as follows

 need       /roll , for main spec

 greed       /roll 99 , for off spec

        Raid team has priority on loot

        Member , then Recruit

Here is an example: loot drops , 2 raiders roll, one 75 , one 65, 1 member rolls an 89, and one recruit rolls a 99, the 75 roll wins, as they are Raider rank. If that roll of 75 has already won a piece of gear that week, that gear will go to the 65 roll. If they have both won pieces of gear that week it will go to the member rank roller and so on.  If anyone choses to pass on a piece of gear, it will go to the next highest roller/rank.



    -- You will raid for progression on your main, your main is the toon that is invited to the raid on the calendar. If you would like to change your main you can. Once per expac. and that will have a 6 month cooldown. This means that at the end of an expac you wish to change your main raiding toon let the Raid Lead know. (it will have to be approved by him/her). Then you can not do it again for another 6 months, if the new expac drops during those 6 mos. you will have to raid on that toon till your 6mo cooldown is over. If you then change again, you will have to raid with us on that toon for the rest of the expac.

     -- We do this so that we can get one toon geared for raiding, we are not here to try and gear all of your alts.

     -- Usually toward the end of an expac we will run alts, once we have current content on farm. That way folks can still gear their alts.


   Behavior during raids:

    -- We want to have a drama free, comfortable raid enviroment for all. The following rules will be enforced.

        *No comments about Race, or sexual orientation will ever be tolerated. These are grounds for immedeate removal from the guild.

        *If you have a problem, or somone has just rubbed you the wrong way, said somthing that offended you, please bring it to the attention of an officer or guild leader.

        *If you insist on using foul language please do so in whisper, we somtimes have young children present. (by foul I mean FOUL! the occasional shit, damn, crap, is ok)

        *Calling somone out in a raid is not ok, saying that they are "stupid" or "suck", is not ok, we log everything, we know who is performing and who is not, you would not like us bringing up your short comings in vent or chat during a raid, would you? Everyone has a bad day every now and then.

        *It is not ok to post recount on raid or guild chat, nobody likes a bragger.

    -- Just to cap out this section, we do not aprove of any of this behavior outside of raiding either. Do not be a troll in trade or guild chat, you may find yourself looking for a new guild.


These guidlines are subject to change, and to the discretion of the officers of the guild, and any parties that are present.


We would like to thank you for Raiding with Death n DK. These guidlines will ensure a fun and comfortable raid enviroment for all. Now lets go take down some bosses!